Quality Handheld Glass Cutting Tools You Can Depend On

HHH features a wide selection of glass cutting tools that can be customized to suit your individual needs. These tools are designed for ease of use and durability, providing long-term value to your company.

We aim to be your one and only stop for your glass fabrication, tempering and glazing needs. That’s why HHH offers the convenience of an extensive selection of top quality products.

Diamond and Carbide Glass Cutters

These traditional handheld cutters are the perfect blend of performance and value for general purpose.

Oil-feed Glass Cutters

The tungsten-carbide wheel and axle, along with a unique oil-feed system, delivers high precision in a handheld cutter. Wobble-free performance ensures a clean score. HHH offers 5 different oil-feed cutters to better meet your individual needs.

Pistol Grip Glass Cutters

These ergonomic cutters are designed for comfort, reducing strain when used for long periods of time. The replaceable, non-reflective cutter heads can be set in either swivel or locked position for creating patterns or straight lines.

Cutter Heads, Holders, Wheels and Axles

Different thicknesses of glass require different cutting wheels and holders. Be assured that HHH has the right one to fit your needs.

Core Drills

HHH Tempering offers several core drills and router bits to choose from, ensuring that we will have exactly what you need. Need a diamond grit? We’ve got you covered.

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