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Reliable, Easy-to-Use Vacuum Lifts for All Types of Glass

Safely moving glass requires uncomplicated and dependable equipment. For sheets big or small, HHH Tempering Resources has a full line of glass handling equipment designed to help your production processes run efficiently.

Feel confident you are getting exactly what you need by purchasing from an industry leader in tempering and glass fabrication.

Vacuum Cup and Pump Vacuum Holders

These pump holders’ solid unibody frame delivers maximum safety and durability. The Lexan pump and single-touch release require minimal activation time, and the secondary handle provides extra grip and makes carrying easy. The RP-808 is designed for curved or irregular surfaces, the RP-808H works on hot surfaces (less than 176°F), and the RP-207 is patterned for flat surfaces. Replacement parts are also available for each component of the device.

For simple, light-duty glass handling, vacuum cup holders are the ideal lifting devices. With a lifting capacity of 265 pounds, the KS-708 features a cast aluminum body with a plastic trigger for flat surface materials. Suited for both curved and flat surfaces, the plastic-bodied RF-908 has a lifting capacity of 110–176 pounds depending on the surface.

Standard Vacuum Lifters

With lifting capacities of 705–1410 pounds, these glass vacuum lifters are designed for insulation lines, factory or construction applications. All nine standard vacuum lifters we carry offer manual rotation plus convenient push-button suction and release control.

Fixed Frame Metal Processing Factory Lifter

This KSHL-30706 horizontal lifter is ideal for factory metal plate lifting. Not only can it lift up to 1058 pounds, but it’s equipped with either a wire remote or push-button control system.

Pneumatic 90° Tilting Vacuum Lifters

With a pneumatic-powered tilting cylinder, these two glass lifters are suited for cutting and tempering or use in tempering factories. The KSPT-40708 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 1058 pounds, while the heavier duty KSPT-40710 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 1764 pounds.

Pneumatic 90° Rotating Vacuum Lifters

Your vertical glass processing lines will run smoothly with these two sturdy lifters, which can lift 705 pounds and feature auto 90° rotation. Both feature an AC 220V motor while the KSPR-40704 has 4 vacuum pads compared to the KSPR-40706 that has 6 vacuum pad with an extension arm suited for large glass sheets.

Mini Vacuum Lifter with Fast Release

This little workhorse boasts a light aluminum 360° manual rotating frame, perfect for fast and repetitive conveyor work.

Jib Crane with Ejector Lifter

For versatile lifting power with minimum effort, this pneumatic crane utilizes both auto 90° tilting and rotation.

Vacuum Pads

To ensure you have the right pad, HHH Tempering Resources carries eight different models to handle your various needs:


No mark cover






Heavy duty


Curved glass




Curved glass


Tempered glass

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