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The HHH Tempering Furnace Manufacturing Process

The tempering furnace manufacturing process is comprised of seven steps to ensure clear communication of needs and desires and provide efficient service and quality products.

Step 1: Research and Planning

Research and planning provide the foundation for the project.

The glass tempering furnace manufacturing process starts with a foundation of research and planning. HHH will determine your company’s needs through an interview process, which includes gathering information regarding current conditions at the installation site.

Major considerations include:

  • Overall dimensions of current glass manufacturing factory and machinery
  • Availability of adequate electrical power
  • Air compressor
  • Local noise abatement regulations
  • Good supply of water with adequate pressure
  • Strong floor and subfloor

After the interviews, a site survey is conducted. During this survey, a representative from HHH Tempering Resources will visit the installation site.

The HHH team then consolidates and reviews all data collected in the research process. With consolidated data in hand, the team creates initial plans and designs for presentation to the engineering and design team.

Step 2: Engineering and Design

Engineers and designers brainstorm the best options for your project.

After the engineering and design team receives the data and designs built in step one, they brainstorm and select the best option.

The design phase includes drawings and analytical decisions for construction and manufacturing.  This team builds 3D prototypes and optimizes them until the furnace design meets your needs.

The engineering and design process includes:

  • Identifying tempering furnace criteria and constraints
  • Brainstorming possible solutions
  • Generating ideas
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Selecting an approach
  • Preparing the initial design presentation for the customer
  • Gaining customer approval

Step 3: Presentation to Client

Initial tempering furnace plans are ready for review.

Your company will receive the initial furnace plan and engineering drawings for thorough review.

Your review is vital to the furnace design process, as it ensures installation is efficient and beneficial. It also ensures your requirements are met.

While reviewing, it is important you consider feasibility, including your company’s capabilities in turning the plan to reality.

Send any proposed revisions to the HHH Tempering Resources team.

We recommend that you include specialists in your internal review team, such as:

  • Structural engineers – Assess the building’s ability to withstand the forces presented by the furnace and associated equipment.
  • CFO and/or accountants – Assess the financial impact and review HHH’s statements regarding ROI.
  • General contractors – Participate in preparing the site for HHH’s installation team and review the overall plan.
  • Management and human resources – Plan for training and day-to-day glass furnace operation.
  • Electrical engineers – Review your location’s current electrical capabilities and create their own plan to meet the needs of the new furnace.

Step 4: Feedback and Revisions

Your company’s opportunity to present revisions on the furnace’s design and engineering.

After your team reviews HHH Tempering Resources initial plan, you have an opportunity to collaboratively revise the plan. These revisions will be incorporated into the final plan whenever possible.

This tempering furnace design plan will then undergo a rigorous review process similar to the initial engineering and design process. With revisions in place, a detailed final plan is created and sent to your team for final approval.

Step 5: Client Approval

Approve your customized glass tempering furnace plan before manufacturing begins.

HHH Tempering Resources submits a final furnace build plan with your revisions for your approval. Once your company has approved the final plan, HHH Tempering begins building your custom glass furnace.

Step 6: Furnace Build

With over 70 years tempering experience, furnace build is our expertise.

It takes three to four months to manufacture your custom glass tempering furnace from the date we receive your final approval.

Step 7: Installation and Training

Competent and complete installation and training.

Most glass tempering furnace manufacturers, especially those from the other side of the world, send a single installation manager to oversee your employees doing the actual installation. Training comes in the form of a user guide given to you before they leave.

HHH sends an entire team to complete the installation and conduct the training.

Mark Guevara Facilities Manager, Milgard
"Thanks to the HHH team’s dedication to customer service we worked through a very successful project together. The team was most helpful throughout the entire process. I wish more equipment vendors provided support at this high level, and appreciate the commitment to service." - Mark Guevara, Milgard

Thanks to the HHH team’s dedication to customer service we worked through a very successful project together. The team was most helpful throughout the entire process. I wish more equipment vendors provided support at this high level, and appreciate the commitment to service. – Mark Guevara, Milgard