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HHH Tempering is the premiere North American North Glass furnace distributor and service provider.

To provide optimum accessibility, operational convenience and timeliness for glass fabricators, HHH Tempering distributes and services North Glass tempering furnaces, glass cutting systems and washers in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

North Glass is a premiere manufacturer of flat and bent glass tempering systems, and has been heralded as a Chinese leader in tempering technology and manufacturing. North Glass provides the glass industry stable, reliable and intelligent tempering furnace control systems for operator-friendly furnace mechanism regulation. By partnering with HHH Tempering, North Glass continues to address industry-specific needs that include: convenience, production control accuracy and service for tempered glass fabricators.

Maintain high glass quality and production levels with your North Glass furnace provided by HHH Tempering Resources

Peace of mind is part of the package with HHH Tempering Resources. We offer full parts stocking, installation and 24/7 technical service on all North Glass products to prevent downtime and keep your production capacity high. In addition to 24/7 service, we maintain a fully-stocked North Glass furnace parts inventory from our U.S.-based, East and West Coast service facilities.

North Glass products available through HHH Tempering Resources

HHH Tempering Resources distributes a full-line of both North Glass furnaces, cutting system and glass washers. Review the North Glass products available with HHH Tempering below. For more information on any of the North Glass products, email

North American Glass Furnace Installations from HHH Tempering Resources

New A Series Tempering Furnace

The Advanced Series (A Series) produces many kinds of quality glass in an efficient and stable environment. Bent, super-long and ultra-wide glass can be produced using A Series equipment.

Glass Width Range: 49-130 in.

Glass furnace options include:

  • Gapless forced convection technology
  • Intelligent heating control
  • Super flat and spotless production quality
North Glass A Series Tempering Furnace from HHH Tempering Resources

AG 1 Furnace Series

The AG1 showcases an innovative merger of matrix radiation heating and forced convection heating technologies.

Glass Thickness: 4-19 mm

Glass Width Range: 63-138 in.

Unit Heating Time: 711.2 – 1143 s/in.

Energy Consumption (Kw.h/m squared): 37.7 – 107.6

Tempering furnace features:

  • Well-structured and clean heating chamber
  • Unique hot-air circulation convection ventilators
  • Updated quenching system design
  • Stable and reliable computerized control system with user-friendly interface
  • Anti-deformation ceramic transition rollers and entry and exit
AG-1-Series North Glass Furnace Distributed by HHH Tempering

AD1 – GD Dual Chamber Tempering Furnace

AD1 – GD offers increased production using double heating chambers for top and bottom gapless convection, radiation with two quenching and cooling stations.

Glass Width Range: 63-138 in.

Glass tempering furnace features:

  • 2 times the heating power of a traditional single chamber radiation furnace
  • 8 times production compared to a traditional single chamber radiation furnace
  • Even heating through one-way transmission to minimize glass breakage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ideal for mass production tempering in architectural or other high-quantity settings

AU Glass Tempering Furnace

The AU furnace series is a reliable, easy-to-use machine that enhances your production line while holding down costs.

AU Glass Furnace Features:

  • Upper convection heating
  • Bottom aspiration
  • Handles glass widths from 60 – 120 in.
North Glass Tempering Furnace AU Series

B1 Convection Furnace

Stable construction provides economic convection with maximized uptime. Uses external compressed air to feed the convection system in the B1 furnace.

Glass Width Range: 63-138 in.

BC1 Tempering Furnace

Add online and offline Low-E coated glass production to your capabilities with the BC1 Tempering Furnace. Uses external compressed air in the convection system.

Glass Width Range: 63-138 in.

North Glass in Action

Add a North Glass furnace to your glass tempering line.

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