Glass Anomalies [Video & Transcript]

Learn about the first step we take in maintaining tempered glass quality standards Video transcript: My name is Terry Hessom. I am a project manager with a HHH Tempering Resources. Been with the company now for six years and been associated with ... Learn more

HHH Tempering Resources Product Expansion

Automatic Drilling Machine Vancouver, Wash., (24 Aug 2017) –North American glass fabricators now have additional choices for precision glass drilling. Starting August 2017, HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) is adding an Automatic Glass Drilling Machine to their product line-up.  The Automatic Glass Drilling Machine offers precise, industrial glass ... Learn more

HHH Tempering Expands Product Line

More Solutions for Fabricators through new line of Insulated Glass Fabrication Equipment Vancouver, Wash., (9 Aug 2017) –Global leader in glass tempering and fabrication equipment, HHH Tempering Resources (HHH), expands product offerings to include comprehensive insulating glass fabrication machinery. The HHH team signed an exclusive product ... Learn more

Clarity Glass Wholesalers: Tempering Furnace Case Study

Clarity Glass Wholesalers: Tempering Furnace Case Study Furnace relocation, performance and overall ROI Curious how HHH might be able to help with your next project? Reach out to our expert technical team. ... Learn more

North Glass Performance [Video & Transcription]

See how a North Glass tempering furnace would benefit your glass tempering process. Video transcript: John Haws, director research and development for HHH Tempering Resources I’ve been with the company since it was founded in 1994, so that would make it about 23 ... Learn more

Tempered Glass Specifications [Video & Transcript]

We’ll help you meet the spec with our knowledge of the glass tempering process Video transcript My name is Terry Hessom. I am a project manager with HHH Tempering Resources. Been with the company now for six years. Been associated with my ... Learn more

Glass Tempering Furnace Operator Training is the Key to Quality

It takes a highly skilled glass fabrication team to ensure excellence in an industry with ever-increasing quality and on-time delivery standards. But with high employee turnover rates, how do you maintain consistency and efficiency at all points in your operation? One of the keys to keeping ... Learn more

Why Glass Washers Are Essential For Top Quality Tempered Glass

Keeping impurities away from the glass is imperative in the glass tempering process. These impurities can cause damage resulting in a product that doesn’t live up to aesthetic standards, won’t meet a client specification or is completely unusable. Why tempered glass washing matters Though the glass tempering ... Learn more

How to Easily Maximize Uptime with Glass Furnace Maintenance

If you’ve ever found your glass tempering line down as you’re trying to get an important order out the door, you know how costly, frustrating and time-consuming any production interruption can be. After looking the line over and not being able to repair the issue ... Learn more

New VP of Operations Builds HHH Tempering Service Division

Vancouver, Wash., (23 May 2017) —Project Manager Terry Hessom is playing a major role in continued company growth at HHH Tempering Resources as the new Vice President of Operations. Hessom’s promotion to the newly created role allows HHH to place increased emphasis on customer technical ... Learn more