Glass Edging Machines from Hiseng | HHH Tempering Recourses

High-Efficiency Glass Edging and Polishing Machines

HHH Tempering expands glass fabricator equipment solutions through Hiseng partnership

Now North America’s exclusive Hiseng edging and polishing equipment product partner and service provider.

Glass Edging Equipment Applications and Features

Glass edging or polishing machines increase overall glass quality. Critical equipment features add to your overall efficiency.

  • Water-free to protect glass surfaces
  • Simple operation with personalized settings
  • Customized for to North American market requirements
  • Multiple equipment configurations
  • HHH Tempering expert technical support
  • East and West Coast parts stocking

Glass Edging Applications

  • Architectural glass
  • Shower glass
  • Windows
  • Doors

Glass Finishing Product Line-up

Hiseng: Global Glass Machinery Manufacturer

Exporting over 300 machines per year to over 20 countries and regions, Hiseng is truly a global leader. The HHH tempering team partners with Hiseng because of their proven manufacturing reputation, progressive product design and commitment to improving operator experience.

Find a customized glass edging equipment solution complete with HHH Tempering consulting, installation, technical support and parts stocking. Get details on the specific glass edging and polishing lines and mitering and beveling machines to identify the right equipment for your needs. Have questions about how glass edging machinery will increase your fabrication speed and quality, call our technical team at 412-426-3191 or request information below.

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