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Glass Laminating System

Provide added strength and style customization with an EVA Laminating Vacuum Machine

To provide glass fabricators with the ability to take on more creative custom glass orders, and add heightened strength to architectural glass, HHH has added an EVA Laminating Vacuum System to our product lineup.

Glass laminating machines help diversify your glass fabrication offerings, and keep your operation aligned with current glass industry trends. Laminating glass increases the strength and shatter resistance of glass, while also allowing colors and design application during the lamination process.

Multiple Laminated Glass Uses

Laminated glass is incredibly versatile and functional in a variety of glass fabrication applications. With the EVA Laminating Vacuum System your glass fabrication operation can produce:

  • Structural Glass
    • Stairs
    • Railings
  • Decorative glass
    • Featuring vibrant colors or designs
  • Safety glass
  • Doors and sliding panes
  • Shopping mall windows

Laminating Machine Benefits

In addition to the functional benefits of laminated glass, every machine sold by HHH is held to the highest industry standards. EVA Laminating Machine is no exception. You can expect  that:

  • Strong, stable machine components
  • Fully UL-approved electrical work
  • Laminating machine has an independent control cabinet and touchscreen to visualize all working phases
  • Complete U.S. parts stocking

High laminated glass production

The EVA glass laminating system uses the vacuum and heating property to produce the highest quality glass. The glass is placed in a silicone vacuum bag to ensure air bubbles will not be present in the glass. Paper, silk, or other elements can be added in this step to create decorative glass. The heating system will then melt the film onto the glass, allowing the two pieces of glass to stick together. Using horizontal heating, the EVA vacuum machine heats across the surface of the glass, heating the glass faster and reducing wasted energy.


ModelMaximum Glass SizeMachine Size L*W*H*Install Power (KW)Product Capacity
LF-24/362400 x 3600 mm.

94 x 142 in.

13700 x 4200 x 3200 mm. 539 x 165 x 126 in.1201.5-2h/Circle
LF-20/302000 x 3000 mm.

79 x 118 in.

12350 x 4100 x 3200 mm. 486 x 161 x 126 in.1081.5-2h/Circle
LF-18/321800 x 3200 mm.

71 x 126 in.

12800 x 3950 x 3200 mm. 504 x 511 x 126 in.1081.5-2h/Circle
LF-18/241800 x 2400 mm.

71 x 94 in.

10400 x 3950 x 3200 mm. 409 x 511 x 126 in.901.5-2h/Circle

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At HHH Tempering Resources, all of our glass fabrication equipment is backed by U.S.-based, expert-level technical support. Our consultants work with you upon installation to increase efficiencies and reduce downtime in your facility. We are more than a distributor; we are your glass tempering and fabrication partner.

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