Glass Tempering Technical Support

“Surefire” Glass Tempering Technical Service

You can source glass tempering furnaces and equipment from many companies, but few can provide full-service 24/7 technical service and support. The HHH Tempering Resources team can protect your furnace and fabrication equipment, extending its life with preventative maintenance via a master service agreement.

Working with our experienced technical team ensures reduced downtime while maximizing your glass furnace’s lifetime productivity.

HHH Service Response Time Vs. Competitors

Technical Service Agreements

Quarterly and yearly machinery inspections and optimization are the best way to increase your tempering furnace’s lifespan while reducing costly production time. Our glass tempering furnace service agreements also provide preventative and emergent consultative services to keep your production levels at peak capacity.

Not using an HHH Tempering glass furnace? Not a problem. We also provide service and maintenance contracts for competitor furnace brands. The majority of glass furnace manufacturers are located internationally, so waiting for technicians to arrive quickly escalates downtime costs. Eliminate the risk using an HHH Tempering service and maintenance contract.

Prevention and Repair

Sustain high glass production with regular preventative maintenance with HHH Tempering Resources. If you have an emergent issue, our service team is available 24/7 from our East and West Coast service centers. HHH technicians provide on-demand guidance and maintenance using VPN to your furnace’s computer. With HHH Tempering Resources, immediate service starts with a simple phone call.

Furnace Warranty

HHH Tempering Resources, Inc. provides an industry-leading guarantee and two-year warranty on all new furnaces.

Our warranty includes:

  • Live telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • All replacement parts (excluding motors)
  • VPN support
  • 12-month buy-back guarantee

Other Technical Services

With full-service technical support, our technical service offerings don’t stop end at furnace warranties or service agreements. Check out additional technical services built to optimize your operation:

  • Plant/furnace layout
  • Growth strategy, payback and cost analysis
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Pre-audit assistance for PPG & Guardian Certification
  • Company growth plans
  • Furnace and machinery parts
  • Equipment installation
  • Operator training

For more information, let an HHH engineer assist you. Contact us today.

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