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Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

A selection of high-quality horizontal glass washing machines from 48 inches to 112 inches is available through HHH Tempering Resources. Select from either 6- or 8-brush configurations and add low-E brushes, if needed, to customize your glass-cleaning machine. Our range of washer options ensures an efficient and flawless wash every time.

All horizontal glass washing machines are backed by HHH Tempering’s industry-leading technical service and support, available 24/7 from our tempering experts.

HHH Tempering Horizontal Glass Washing Machine Solutions

All industrial glass washers sold by HHH Tempering Resources come equipped with the following:

  • 480-volt, 3-phase
  • 90-day delivery
  • Cost-efficient pricing for fast return on investment
  • 1-year warranty

Glass Washing

Designed to wash and dry flat low-E glass and float glasses. Features include:

  • Stainless steel air knives
  • Soft brushes and cylinder-powered upper brushes for cleaning low-E glass
  • Quick-change water nozzle
  • High-pressure pre-washing
  • Aluminum upper bracket profile

Technical Parameters

SizeGlass ThicknessSpeed
48 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
60 in3-19 mm0-6 m/min
72 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
84 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
96 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
118 in.3-19 mm     0-6 m/min
137 in.3-19 mm-0   0-6 m/min

HHH Tempering Resources showcases its glass washer equipment perfect for glass fabrication

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Horizontal Glass Washer | HHH Tempering Resources