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Industrial Glass Grinder

Optimize Your Fabrication with our four-edge glass grinding machine

Your glass fabrication line-up is not complete without a four-edge industrial glass grinder. The four-edge grinder crafts precision chamfers perfect for architectural glass while providing time-saving automation.

To keep your glass fabrication operation running smoothly and efficiently, HHH Tempering Resources experts back your equipment with 24/7 technical service and support.

Horizontal Glass Edge Grinding Machine

The horizontal industrial glass grinder creates a finely-crafted chamfer angle on all four glass edges.

  • Built to suit architectural glass
  • Removes coating and cleans four edges of rectangular glass, including the chamfer
  • Offers intuitive and convenient interface for control and operation
  • Identifies the size, thickness, width and position of glass to simplify operation
  • Features grinding head controlled by a servo motor system with automatic and energy-efficient design
  • Creates chamfers and increases bottom edging according to production needs
  • Pairs with horizontal glass washer, loading table and glass cutting machine to complete your fabrication set-up

Technical Parameters


Glass Thickness


60 in4–10 mm0–25 m/min
78 in4–10 mm0–25 m/min
98 mm4–10 mm0–25 m/min

Glass Edge Grinding Machine in Action

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4-Edge Industrial Glass Grinder l HHH Tempering Resources