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A3 Series Radiation Glass Tempering Furnace

The A3 Series Glass Tempering Furnace offers radiant heating and is a popular choice for small to mid-sized glass fabrication operations. The A3 Series Tempering Furnace provides efficient and consistent tempering for a variety of glass types.

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Glass Width Range49 - 130 in.
Glass Thickness (mm.)3 - 19 mm.
Minimum Glass Size (in.)4 x 6 in.
  • The A3 Series Glass Tempering Furnaces brings more uniform and gentle heating to tempered glass with radiation heating plates made of heat-resistant cast steel.
  • Super flat spotless technology allows the A-Series tempering furnace to reduce iridescence and produce quality glass.
  • Equipped with an “Intelligent Heating Control Module” to ensure precise and stable heating control.
  • Applications: Shower doors and interior glass.