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Automatic Spacer Bending Machine LJZW20202A

Add insulating glass capabilities to your glass fabrication line with an Automatic Spacer Bending Machine from HHH Tempering Resources. Easily bend aluminum and more with an Automatic Spacer Bending Machine.

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Dimension/Working Size413.39 X 86.61 X 102.36 in.
Control SystemCNC Servo Control
Air Supply> 0.65 MPa
Min Bending Size9.84 X 7.87 in.
Max Bending Size78.74 X 78.74 in.
Aluminum Spacer Width0.22 – 0.94 in.
  • Four spacer size storage units
  • CNC servo control feeding mechanism
  • Auto finishing and cutting spacer function
  • Auxiliary function adjustment for bending large aluminum frames
  • Supports bending for various spacer shapes
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