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Butyl Extruder Machine LJTB03

With the Butyl Extruder Machine LJTB03 from HHH Tempering Resources, you can apply precision butyl coatings with ease every time.

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Speed0-27 m/min.
Dimension/Working Size333 X 62 X 1102 mm.
Weight1102.31 lbs.
Air Supply0.4 m3/min.
Aluminum Spacer Width6 - 24 mm.
Voltage/Power Supply220V, 50 HZ, 2.5KW
Air Pressure>0.8MPa
Squeeze Pressure10 – 14 MPa
  • PLC control system, touch screen interface
  • Frequency control system
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic supercharging system
  • Automatic centering and clamping structure
  • Separate extruder head structure
  • Automatic centering and clamping structure
  • Automatic butyl volume display function
  • Circular arc butyl sealing structure
  • Preheating function
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