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Chemical Tempering Glass Furnace

Chemical tempering glass furnaces are known for their very high intensity. This type of furnace reaches an intensity three to five times higher than regular glass tempering furnaces. Temperature intensity prevents visual defects like distortion or surface defects for an optimal glass product. Talk to an HHH Tempering expert to see if a chemical tempering furnace is a good fit for your tempering production line.

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Glass Thickness (mm.)0.5 - 19 mm.
Glass Size1800 – 2500 X 2400 – 3200 mm.
Electric Power Consumption420 - 560kW
Glass Trolley Running Speed400 mm/min.
Glass Trolley Lifting Speed200 mm/min.
  • 4 models: HG1824A, HG1830A, HG2330A, HG2532A
  • Versatile machine design tempers all glass sizes and thicknesses including bent glass
  • Allows for tempering of ultra-thin glass. The minimal thickness for physical tempering is 2.8 mm. With chemical tempering, it is 0.5 mm.
  • Able to produce high-intensity, single-chip glass