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Desiccant Filling Machine LJGZ2020A

Improve work efficiency and increase loading speed with a desiccant filling machine from HHH Tempering Resources.

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Dimension/Working Size5432 X 1148 X 2015.6 in.
Weight1102.31 lbs.
Air Supply> 0.65 MPa
Aluminum Frame Min11.81 X 9.89 in.
Aluminum Frame Max78.74 X 78.74 in.
Aluminum Specifications5.5 - 24 mm.
Voltage/Power Supply220V, 50 HZ, 1KW
Squeeze Pressure10 – 14 MPa
  • Auto drilling, filling and sealing function
  • Big bucket desiccant saves refill time and improves work efficiency
  • Protection device for machine head
  • Vacuum pump increases loading speed
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